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The MAGNA Lite PEB SYSTEM was founded in 2009 with its main focus to cater the ever growing needs for high quality Lite PEB system for the mining industries. With the supports from fabricators that spread in all the major cities of Indonesia, in the year of 2016 MAGNA system was formally entered the consumer steel structure market
MAGNA SYSTEM provides the most advanced Pre Engineered steel structure technologies to the extend that it is not only suitable for large scale building constructions, but also has become the effective and efficient option for medium scale buildings in Indonesia.

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magna system material

MAGNA P.E.B SYSTEM is made of high quality medium thickness steel. The material is in compliance with domestic and international quality standards such as; Peraturan Muatan Indonesia 1970, ASCE 2005 and MBMA 2002

High Quality Steel

Minimum Yield Strength 450 / 550 MPa
Minimum Tensile Stress 450 / 550 MPa
Elastic Modulus 200.000 MPa
Hot Dip Galvanized Z220 dan Z275

Profile Specification

Complete range of profiles for the best and cost efficient structure solution
C55, C65, C75, C85, C95, C100, C140, C200, & C250.
Profile thickness options from 0.75 ~ 2.4mm

Anti Rust Protection

All material has been treated with HOT DIP Galvanized Z220 and Z275 to ensure the structural strength and durability against external and environment impacts.
One of the most important aspects in PEB structure is the use of proper joints and connectors, so that the final structure will meet the precalculated weighting standard.

Design Reference

Wind Codes ASCE 207-05
Earth Quake SNI 1726 - 2013 Earth Quake Resistant Building Planning
IBC 2006 International Building Code
Design Codes AISI 1996 & 2001
SNI 7971 - 2013 Struktur Baja Canai Dingin
Design Load SNI 03 - 1727 - 2013 Perencanaan Pembebanan untuk Bangunan
ASCE 2005 ASCE 7 -10 Minimum Design Load Combination for Building and Others Structure
MBMA 2002

Recommended Application

According to the weighting standard and its work flow flexibility, Magna P.E.B System is highly recommended to be used on:
Factory building, warehouses, indoor sport centers, hangars, exhibition halls, mining industries, plantations, etc.
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