gigasteel highlights

GIGASTEEL is a high technology light weight steel truss system. It derives from a never ending process of
construction technology research and development.
As a national brand with wide distribution coverage, GIGASTEEL provides national waranty for its product.GIGASTEEL provides 10 years waranty to meet
the article 18 of 1999 Construction Service Regulation

national network

The best quality is our standard. Authorized GIGASTEEL fabricators are a highly experienced and specialized light weight steel frame contractor. Supported by GIGASTEEL continuous training and supervision, our fabricators will always meet the best standard that has been set.

gigasteel Philosophy

Differed from the most light weight steel truss producers that just sell their products by bars, we at GIGASTEEL are providing calculation, installation, and on location supervision until the construction work has finished.

material specification

GIGASTEEL SYSTEM is made from a high quality G550 steel
with specification as follows:
G550 High Quality Steel Comply to ASTM, AS, JIS
Yield Strength
Min. 550 Mpa
Tensile Strength
Min. 550 Mpa
Modulus of Elasticity
200.000 Mpa
Modulus of Rigidity

Rust Proof Coating

GIGASTEEL System applies two types of Rust Proof Coating to cater broad range of application. First type is an Aluminum Zinc / Galvalume coating with 100gr/m2 thickness. The second type is Z/Galvanic with 220gr/m2 thickness. With those two options, GIGASTEEL System is able to provide the best solution for your construction works.

Profile Bars

The z Profile is the main profile in GIGASTEEL System. The Z Profile usage provides light weight steel structure its strength and rigidity, this is due to the center weight that is spread across the section of the profile. Thus, the profile bars will become more stable and rigid.

Structural Calculation

Different from its sibling, conventional steel structure, the calculation of light weight steel structure is quite new and has not become a standard curriculum in an academic sector. Therefore, the usage of proper computer calculation and design software is a must. The GIGASTEEL software is a proper and genuine software that has been verified by the competent institution.

Joints and Connector

The strength of the light weight steel structure is very much depending on the connector and joints used. GIGAGRIP is GIGASTEEL's solution for a strong, trouble free roof truss inter bonding.

Another important element is the application of SDS (self drilling screw). Every steel structure will use thousands of these screws, that is why GIGASTEEL only use special GIGASCREW SDS that meets the AS 3566.1 : 2002 / AS 3566.2 : 2002 standard.
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